About Jae

Who am I?

I am a recovering porn and masturbation addict.  I like many other people am a sufferer of pain and suffering and the resultant experiences of mental health problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, anger issues and low self worth.

Those are my experiences, and they have helped shape my thoughts and my views of the world, but they don’t define who I am.

I am a divine being, a son of God.

I am creating my world the way I wish to experience it, and I am learning much along the way.  I am walking a very spiritual path, and this is what I write about.  My experiences are not unique, but they are my own.

I write about what has proven beneficial to myself, and I share them with you my dear reader.

I am not a blogger, writer, teacher, therapist, master or guru.

I am that divine awareness within each of us, but you can call me, Jae  🙂

Welcome to my blog.